Have you ever wondered in these difficult times why "the ideal" is not even up for discussion? Without the ideal at least being part of the converstion, we will deliberately and pepetually fall short of it. Are you willing to leave a potential revolution to those who may conduct one? To militants and bat weilding anachists? Revolution has a facinating and global history, the results rarely being ideal. But what could a positive "non bloody" revolution look like? What are would be the aims of it - a renaissance? Could we imagine a better future, can we show what this might look like.

Art is an exciting and powerfull way to expore the possibilities for a new future

Artists and writers are asked to imagine creatively and without boundaries what future we might have. This is a space where idealism is encuoraged and quantum jumps of vision are celebrated.

Subjects that are of interest for the exhibition/ publication include (but not exclusively):

Energy production, Education, The Enviroment - in all of it's forms, Space and time travel, Alternatives to capitalism, Religion, Agriculture, Food, Labour, Politics and social structure, Class sytems, Hunger.

Ideas of extream fantasy are welcomed as are ideas that moot potential solutions to some of these issues.

Artists are welcome to submit art of any form. Writing will be accepted in the form of an abstract - a propersition for a longer work, of approximately 500 words


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